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Orlando Cat Cafe: The Purrfect Coffee Spot

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Things to Do in Orlando, Blog, Local Events | 0 comments

There nothing like being able drive from your Central Florida home to a destination where you can snuggle with precious kittens while devouring mouth-watering coffee. Lucky for you, there is an establishment in Clermont, Florida called the Orlando Cat Cafe where you can do just that. Given that today is National Kitten Day, the timing has never been better to scope this Central Florida location out!

What is the Orlando Cat Cafe?

Florida’s first cat cafe to open was an idea sparked by cat enthusiast, Sandra Cagan, when she grew inspiration while viewing a 2014 NBC news story about this very concept. By the beginning of the following year, she gathered a copious amount of research to formulate the purrfect business for making the Orlando Cat Cafe a reality. 
Situated in Clermont’s Cagan Crossings shopping center, the business opened to the public in September 2016. By forming a business partnership with Winter Garden-based Axum Coffee, an established coffee company, the two businesses have been working together in bringing people’s adoration for delicious coffee and snuggly cats together. 

What to Expect at Orlando Cat Cafe

As you enter the establishment, you will find yourself in Axium Coffee, first which will serve as your check-in point. While you may opt to just enjoy a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee while there, paw-lease scope out the delegated cat section to play with some furry friends. Perhaps, you may lock eyes with the cat of your dreams and decide to adopt your next best friend.

How Much Does it Cost to Play with the Cats?

Keep in mind Orlando Cat Cafe charges a small fee for an hour of playtime with these snuggly pets. Adults are charged $8 to access the play/adoption area, however, if you have a little one under the age of 12, their entrance fee will be $4. If you do happen to bring a child under the age of 12, make certain they are accompanied by a trusted adult chaperone.


Do I have to Make a Reservation for the Orlando Cat Cafe?

Although Orlando Cat Cafe accepts walk-ins when when visitors arrive without an appointment slot, it is highly advisable to make a reservation beforehand to avoid any possibility of being denied access due to crowds reaching over-capacity.

Are Kittens and Adult Cats Kept in the Same Space?

Orlando Cat Cafe ensures that kittens and adult cats are kept apart. The younger ones are placed inside a kitten tent away from any roaming adult cats until they reach an age where they may be safely placed in close proximity to the rest of the adult cats. Not to mention, younger cats exacerbate significantly more energy in addition to requiring more attention by their caregivers.


Coffee with a Feline-thropic Cause

A serving of Axum Coffee goes beyond satisfying your taste buds while granting you a boost of energy. Their mission thrives in assisting those living in Axum, Ethiopia to have a higher quality of life. The profits received by each coffee purchase are donated to Ethiopian inhabitants in need while focusing on the aim to provide accessible fresh water and more.

Whether you are visiting Central Florida as a tourist, scoping out the area’s phenomenal retirement communities or are simply just looking for things to do in Clermont, make sure to add Orlando Cat Cafe to your itinerary!

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