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How to Create a Rental Resume

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How to Create a Rental Resume

Finding rentals that meet your criteria is one step, but getting your application in front of the competition is becoming a common part of the apartment search process. There are a few ways you can increase your chances of landing your preferred rental in a competitive market, including by creating a rental resume that shares an overview on who you are, your renting history, and more.

In this article, we outline what a rental resume is and how to easily create one yourself.



What Is a Rental Resume?

A rental resume is similar to a resume you’d create when applying for a new job that gives landlords an overview of who you are, your rental history, income, and employment. While it’s not common for landlords to request a rental resume, providing one to a landlord can help you stand out in a competitive market and show you’re serious about renting their property.

What to Include in a Rental Resume

Unlike traditional resumes, rental resumes are intended to include relevant information on your rental history, how much income you make, and where you currently work. You can customize your resume to your liking, but it should generally include the following sections.





1. Your Contact Information

As a best practice, include your contact information at the top of the document for the landlord to find. Your phone number, email address, and current address should be in an easy-to-find spot on the document for the landlord to see.

2. The Type of Rental You’re Looking For

Adding an objective section is optional and can highlight the type of rental you’re looking for, if you own any pets, or other factors the landlord should be aware of. You can also mention your desired price range for rent, but most renters are advised to only apply to properties they can afford. Here’s an example of an objective statement to include:

“I am looking for a one bedroom and one bathroom rental property that offers a 12-month lease term option. I’m currently based in Downtown Houston, but I’m looking to relocate to the north suburbs for my current employment. I own one pet, a cat named Sunshine, that has all of her vaccinations and is registered with the city. I have a strong history of making on-time rent payments and always escalate maintenance issues right away.”

3. Your Background

Your background section should quickly inform the landlord on who you are, your rental background, a brief description of your employment history and if you’re currently a student. There are other pieces of information you can also add (like hobbies you enjoy), but it should be relatively brief with important details that relate to renting.

4. Your Current Employment and Income

During the rental application process, the landlord will most likely request information on your employer and income. A rental resume will not replace an online rental application, but it can give the landlord an idea on your employment history and if you meet the income requirements. As a reminder, most landlords require you to make at least three times the rent, so you’ll want to ensure you meet the criteria before submitting an inquiry.

Landlords will also want to verify the information you provide is correct, so it may be helpful to include your supervisor’s contact information if they’re okay with it. Since rental resumes are one page, most renters include their current employer only.

5. Your Rental History

Your rental history consists of previous properties you rented individually or with roommates. You can highlight the lease start and end date, the landlord’s contact information, how much you paid in rent, and why you left the rental.

If you were previously evicted or needed to break the lease, you can also include more information on both types of incidents to help the new landlord understand what happened.

6. References

The reference section can include a landlord reference, a credit reference, or a character reference to speak on your behalf. Including references could be beneficial if you have a short renting history or are unable to authorize screening reports with a social security number (SSC) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN).

However, it’s best practice to only include people or credit institutions that are willing to speak with the landlord.

7. Additional Documents You’re Willing to Provide

Documents you can attach to your rental resume can be landlord letters of recommendation, bank statements to verify your income, or pay stubs. These documents can be whatever you’re comfortable with sharing or feel can strengthen your rental resume.


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