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Why are the holidays a good time to sell your home ?

LOS ANGELES – Nov. 14, 2016 – While most people consider spring the prime home buying season, the market calm over the holidays is just one reason dedicated buyers can benefit from end-of-the-year home shopping:

  • Buyers have more time to shop, as time off from work and school is not uncommon with many buyers during November and December.
  • Tax benefits. Many buyers in the market for a new home feel as if they have to close escrow prior to the end of the year for tax planning reasons.
  • The holiday season is a great time to showcase the neighborhood. Many homes are decorated and look their absolute best. And a seller’s home often has its most nostalgic emotional appeal during this time period.
  • Less competition. Many sellers pull their homes off the market by early November to enjoy the holidays, and most don’t even consider selling again until after Easter when the spring buying season kicks in.
  • People are generally happier during this time of year, and happy people are typically much easier to work with – and more likely to be less competitive when negotiating a contract.

Source: Valley News (CA) (11/13/16) Mason, Mike

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