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List for First-time Buyers

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To – Do List for First-Time Buyers

1. Save

  • Down payment
  • Closing Costs
  • Escrow for insurance and taxes

2. Improve Credit Score

  • Stay current on bills
  • No major purchases
  • Don’t cancel any credit cards
  • Higher credit score = lower interest rate

3. Calculate What We Can Afford

4. Get Mortage Preapproval

  • Shop for the best deal
  • Choose primary and back up lenders
  • Mortgage advice


Lower-Interest Mortgages

5. Decide What We Want In a Home

  • Checklist – hud.gove/buying/wishlist.pdf

6. Choose a Realtor

7. Visit Homes

  • Take photos, make notes
  • Home shopping checklist –

8. Narrow Choices

  • Visit neighborhood during day and at night to guage traffic, noice, etc.
  • Test commute
  • Consider resale value

9. Make an Offer

Common contingency opt-outs:

  • If home appraises for less than mortgage
  • If inspection reveals flaws owners won’t fix
  • If you lose your job before the deal closes

10. Schedule Home Inspection

11.Make Final Walk-Through

  • Test light switches, sockets
  • Check that windows and doors work
  • Test faucets, drains, toilets

12. Close and MOVE IN!

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