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Discover expert tips for successfully leasing your property in Orlando, Florida

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Security deposits can sometimes be a controversial topic, but they’re necessary for keeping a property in tip-top shape. Security deposits are enforced for residents in order to protect the space, while also giving you some motivation to keep your residence in good condition. It’s never fun paying a fee upfront for damage that hasn’t happened, but receiving the money back after a harmless stay is encouraging! As a property management company in Orlando Florida, we want to give you your money back at the end of your lease. With these expert tips, you can avoid damage and have a good chance of recouping the fee you paid upfront.

Read Your Lease Thoroughly reviewing your lease is a great starting point.

Your lease should have clear information on the expectations in place to receive your security deposit back. It could be helpful to make a checklist and hang it on your fridge, so, throughout your residence, you remember what needs to be done in order to regain your deposit.

Document Your Space Be sure to take photos and videos of everything.

This content should include date and timestamps. Having physical proof of your space being neat and undamaged will only benefit you. If you notice something is damaged upfront, be sure to alert your landlord so you aren’t charged for those damages.

Clean Up

A deep, thorough cleaning of your space before you move out will give you a good chance of recouping your deposit. Be sure to wipe down inside the refrigerator and oven, as those two spaces are typically forgotten. Other than that, general dusting, mopping, nail hole patching, and vacuuming will ensure your home is in good shape.

Repair Damage Sometimes, things happen that are out of our control.

If you have any damage at all, make sure to repair it before you move out. Work with your landlord to determine if on-site maintenance staff can fix the damage or if an outside vendor needs to take on the job. It’s always best to fix the damage immediately instead of waiting until your move-out date!

Security deposits are set in place to protect properties from long-term damage.

By following these expert tips, your odds of receiving your deposit are high. At RE/MAX Heritage, our top priority is to keep clients satisfied with their place of residence. Ready to take the next step towards owning your own home in Orlando, Florida? click HERE to get started on your home search! Contact RE/MAX Heritage today to begin your journey to finding your dream home. Let us guide you through the process and make your homeownership dreams a reality!

Landlords, are you looking for a property management company in Orlando, Florida?

Consider the advantages of partnering with RE/MAX Heritage as your property management company. Our experienced team handles everything from tenant screening and lease agreements to property maintenance and rent collection, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free landlord experience. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your properties are well-maintained and your tenants are satisfied, maximizing your investment returns while minimizing your stress. Trust RE/MAX Heritage to professionally manage your properties and help you achieve your real estate investment goals.

Our Property Manager- Lucy Hinson

Lucy Hinson is a seasoned property manager with over 12 years of experience, currently excelling in her role at RE/MAX Heritage. Her expertise spans tenant relations, lease negotiations, property maintenance, and financial management, all underpinned by a commitment to client satisfaction. Known for her proactive approach and attention to detail, Lucy is trusted by clients and colleagues alike to deliver optimal results in real estate investments. Outside of work, she enjoys family time, travel, and community engagement. With a passion for her craft and a proven track record, Lucy continues to make a significant impact in property management.

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