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OUT & ABOUT: Kids Comic Book Club!

by | Jan 4, 2024 | Blog, Homeowners, Local Events, Theme Parks and Attractions | 0 comments

Each sessions are thoughtfully designed to captivate young readers, fostering discussions, creativity, and a sense of community among fellow comic fans. Join us on an adventure through the diverse and thrilling pages of comic books, unlocking the joy of reading in a visually dynamic way. The Mulberry Kids Comic Book Club is where young imaginations take flight into vibrant storytelling realms! As the Kids Comic Book Club delves into crafting their own comic book, it’s a chance for them to unleash their creativity. They’ll brainstorm unique characters, weave compelling storylines, and illustrate vivid scenes—a collaborative process that lets these young enthusiasts explore their imaginations. In this journey, they not only learn about storytelling and illustration but also cultivate teamwork and communication skills as they bring their collective ideas to life on the pages of their very own comic book. It’s an incredible outlet for self-expression and sharing their imaginative worlds with others!

Join us on January 4th from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM to bring your fantasies to life and awaken your creativity! We’ll be at the Mulberry Public Library. To discover more information, simply click anywhere on the text!

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