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Out & About Clermont-Suncreek Brewery

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Blog, Theme Parks and Attractions | 0 comments

“This is more than a business opportunity, brewing great beer has been our passion. Our promise of openness & authenticity are so important to us that we designed the building around it”

Downtown Clermont is on the rise and Suncreek Brewing Company is proud to play a small part in the city’s downtown revitalization. It’s located on the “new” West Minneola Ave – on the Legacy Loop Trail just up from Lake Minneola future Triathlon Beach. Restaurant partners Michael Ali’s Coal Fired Pizza & Savoree are on site!
The goal is to provide a “great destination for your downtime” – where our independent nature drives diverse conversation, good times and creates long-lasting friendships over a few fresh and approachable beers made (whenever possible) from local ingredients in Clermont’s first craft brewery.

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