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Out & About Bardell- Florida Flurries

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Blog, Theme Parks and Attractions, Things to Do in Orlando | 0 comments


Imagine the winter wonderland of your youth. The fun you had making snowballs and snowmen or sliding down the hill on your toboggan. You probably think you have to travel to a northern state for your kids to experience those feelings, right?

Now you don’t!

Launching in January, Florida Flurries will be providing thousands of square feet of snow accumulations in Apopka’s Kit Land Nelson Park for you and your family to experience real snow without leaving sunny Florida.

You’ll be able to make snowballs and throw them at each other in a safe environment. You can make a snowman or a snow angel. You’ll be able to slide down our Florida hills and just enjoy the feeling of snow falling around you.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. There will be limited tickets available for each of our hourly sessions.


Reserve your spot today as we bring real snow to your backyard.