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Hocus Pocus at the Ocala Drive-in

by | Oct 15, 2020 | Blog, Homeowners, Theme Parks and Attractions | 0 comments


Question: It is raining , are you open ?
Answer : We are open regardless. It does not effect the quality of the picture.

Question: What time does the gates open?

Answer : Gates are scheduled to open one hour before the movie starts but, if it is a busy night we may open early to avoid vehicles lining up on the highway.

Question: Do you accept credit / debit cards at ticket box and concession?
Answer : We do accept cash or cards at both.

Question : How can we order tickets in advance to assure a parking spot ?
Answer : We do not presell tickets on line. Tickets are available at the gate at the time you arrive.

Question: Can we watch one movie on one screen and the second movie on the other ?

Answer : NO You CAN NOT . When you purchase a ticket it is for that screen only. Most of the value of your ticket goes to the film companies on that screen. If you move to other screen you are stealing a movie from the other film company since they are not getting any revenue from your ticket purchase.

Question: How do we receive the sound?
Answer : Sound is transmitted to a FM radio station so any device that can receive a regular FM station will pickup our station once you get here.

Question : Can we bring in outside food or beverages?
Answer: Like any other theatre in the world, the film company gets the largest amount of every ticket sold. The ONLY THING that keeps the drive-in in operation is the sales from our concession . We have the same policy as others, no outside food or beverages. We do make exception and sell an offsite food permit for $10 for people on special diets which the other members in family may use it towards the purchase of fresh cooked food in our concession and supports the drive-in. Anyone the violates our policy may be asked to leave without a refund for violation of policy. Check out our menu and you can order on line ( after you arrive and have parking space number ) and we will deliver to your vehicle or can come to our concession.

Question : Can we sit outside our vehicle on lawn chairs ?
Answer : Yes you can but you must stay in the area of the vehicle and not take up another parking space that can be used for other guest.

Question : Can we bring our dog ?
Answer : If you consider it a dog than leave it home. If you consider it a 4 legged family member in a fur coat than bring them along because we are a family theatre and they are part of the family .

Question : Is it a smoke free venue ?
Answer : No , it is not since it is a big open field. We do expect smokers to have consideration for the other guest and walk away from others to smoke if sitting outside or stay in your vehicle.

Question : Where can we find movie listings for next week ?
Answer : As soon as we know exactly what movies are coming we post them on our web page but the best place to keep up with everything about the drive-in is our FaceBook Page