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Gas Prices – Good news, commuters: That trip to work and back home is costing you 60 to 70 cents less compared to this same time last year, AAA said.Gas prices hit lowest point in more than a decade

In fact, motorists are enjoying the lowest gas prices during this time of year since 2004, with the current average — $1.75 — remaining at an all-time low since January 2009.

“Gas prices historically climb at this time of year largely due to seasonal refinery maintenance, which can lead to reductions in supply. However, retail averages are likely to maintain their discount to recent years, barring any major disruptions in supply,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman for AAA-The Auto Club Group.

The current average price for a gallon of gas in Orlando is $1.64, 1 cent less than a week ago.

Gas prices hit lowest point in more than a decade

Source: Orlando Biz Journals