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Florida has 4 of top 10 retirement citiesFLORIDA-RETIREMENT

Florida made the list four times for the top ten retirement cities!

The financial website rated 150 U.S. cities on affordability, health care, activities and quality of life. Of 11 Fla. cities in the study, all ranked above average.

According to WalletHub, its analysts compared the affordability, quality of life, health care and availability of recreational activities in the 150 largest U.S. cities. They used a data set of 31 key metrics that ranged from “cost of living” to “public-hospital rankings” and “percentage of the 65 and older population.”


Top 10 retirement cities in the U.S.

1. Orlando
2. Tampa
3. Scottsdale, Ariz.
4. Miami
5. Sioux Falls, S.D.
6. Las Vegas
7. Cape Coral
8. Atlanta, Ga.
9. Minneapolis
10. Los Angeles

Other Florida city rankings

13. Fort Lauderdale
15. Port St. Lucie
21. St. Petersburg
26. Pembroke Pines
40. Hialeah
63. Tallahassee
68. Jacksonville

Retirement-friendliness of Orlando (1=Best; 75=Avg.)

  • No. 70 – Adjusted cost of living
  • No. 42 – Annual cost of in-home services
  • No. 21 – Number of recreation & senior centers per capita
  • No. 19 – number of adult volunteer activities per capita
  • No. 27 – Emotional health
  • No. 43 – ‘Mild weather’ ranking
  • No. 1 – Number of home-care facilities per capital.


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