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Florida home buyers should choose an experienced florida realtor instead of just who they are on familiar terms with.

Contact Bardell Real Estate, Your Disney Area Specialist!Florida Home Buyers may be comfortable working with agent they already know instead of an Experienced Florida Realtor. While it is understandable that an individual would want to work with a friend or even family member, it is essential to go with an experienced florida realtor. When buying a new home, going on familiarity alone is not always best. Hiring a friend or family member in the Real Estate business as a Buyer’s Agent instead of an Experienced Florida Realtor, may greatly affect the agent’s decisions. More often than not, the line between business and friendship may become inadvertently blurred, which is not a good thing for potential buyers.

First-time Florida home buyers in particular may be more concerned with their comfort level than with their Agent’s experience. They may pursue a friend of family member in the business. As a result, they may be less likely to inform that friend or family member if they are truly dissatisfied with an option. They tend to be less demanding, reluctant to share certain financial details, and they worry about their friend’s feelings in the matter. The bottom line for a buyer is to make sure they choose the most Experienced Florida Realtor with strong first-hand knowledge of the area where they are looking to buy. This should take priority over whether or not they personally know the Realtor.

Here are some benefits of going with an Experienced Florida Realtor or local specialist:

  • Familiarity with the history of local Florida neighborhood homes.
  • Knowledge of what makes certain homes more valuable than others.
  • Knowledge of which areas are most desirable vs. those that are not.
  • Special retrofits exclusive to a community.
  • Knowledge of any pending legislation /neighborhood enforced regulations.
  • Access to inside information from other listing agents.
  • Knowledge of new inventory not yet on the market, but coming.
  • Complete disclosure and receipt of pertinent local information.
  • Access to the most reliable local inspectors and contractors.

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