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There is something new and exciting coming to the newly remodeled Disney Springs Pavilion this holiday season! Using the amazing technology of Drones, Disney Springs will put on a spectacle of lights in the sky nightly until January 8th at 7 pm & 8:30 pm. Disney says “Accompanied by an original Disney arrangement of classic holiday songs recorded by a full orchestra, the sparkling experience invites guests to look up to sky and wish upon a holiday star. This is the first time a drone show of this scale has ever been performed in the U.S.”These drones are relatively small in size, but are equipped with the technology to perform over This gorgeous array of over 300 drones lit up in holiday colors is something you don’t want to miss! These drones are equipped with the technology to create over 4 billion color combinations. A classic holiday tradition collaborated with modern technology is something that will put a smile on your face this Christmas Season. Enjoy this brand new holiday experience with your family and friends tonight! You don’t want to miss it!