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5 New Year’s resolutions for homeowners that will build wealth

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Investment Property in Florida, Buyers, News, Renters | 0 comments

For the new year, @JessicaLautz at #NAR says homeowners who are planning to be in their home for a long period of time should think “through ways to reduce their monthly mortgage payment through refinancing into better loan terms.” 

Homeowners can easily get into a comfortable groove year after year: make monthly mortgage payments, auto-renew homeowner’s insurance, and put off upgrading to more efficient technology (such as appliances and lighting), among other things. But that groove can cost you money.

Making the minimum loan payments (while putting extra money in a low interest-bearing savings account) or keeping the same policy for years (without shopping around for more competitive rates) is an easy way to save less and spend more than you should.

The new decade is the perfect time to ditch those old moves and learn some easy, new steps that can get you closer to your financial goals in 2020.

Resolution 1: Pay down principal if it makes sense

Resolution 2: Refinance your mortgage for a better rate

Resolution 3: Shop around for better insurance rates

Resolution 4: Make your home energy efficient

Resolution 5: Don’t neglect small repairs


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