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Hello All! Us here at Bardell Real Estate wanted to share with you our most recent feedback from our clients who we helped find their dream Florida Vacation Home. Our Real Estate Professionals strive on providing honest and integrity to all of our clients and we look forward to giving you just that! Contact one of our agents today!


First up, Mona – it was really lovely to see you a couple of weeks back. It was so much fun hearing all your stories about your trip and Beastie – and the Canada-approved-Cat of course. It was a real shame that Heidi couldn’t be there with us. We’ll be working on that for next time 😉

I just wanted to take the opportunity at this special time of year to thank you both…and everyone at Bardell…for taking care of me and Heidi when we came over at the start of the summer and for helping us to realise our dream of owning a beautiful holiday home in Florida. We certainly hit the jackpot!

So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays – have the best one ever and we hope to see you in 2017.

Love and best wishes,

Dave, Heidi and the girls.”