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A study reveals that popular online listing services such as Trulia and Zillow clearly lacks the same accuracy as broker-owned websites.

A study, funded by technology-powered broker Redfin Realty, shows Trulia and Zillow as less effective and reliable as your local realtor. The study was conducted by the independent real estate industry research analyst known as The WAV Group, over 6,000 listings in 33 zip codes, across 11 were analyzed for their accuracy in website listings.

Get accurate information from a Realtor.It quickly revealed that popular online listing services such as Trulia and Zillow clearly lacked the same accuracy as broker-owned websites. It appeared that this was mainly due to the fact that licensed real estate agents have direct, live access to the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), while Trulia and Zillow do not.

Based upon the study, it was concluded that local real estate brokerage sites display 100 percent of agent-listed homes for sale in comparison to the 80 percent seen on the national sites. Real estate brokerage sites were reported to show newly listed homes for sale 7-9 days earlier than their national counterparts like Trulia and Zillow. Also, approximately 36 percent of listings seen on national portals are no longer for sale.

Your local real estate broker can use the MLS-based service, where listings are updated in real time, usually every 15 to 30 minutes, as opposed to the less reliable and delayed data found on other national sites. For those interested in buying or selling investment homes, vacation homes, and more in the Orlando area, consider Bardell Real Estate for the most accurate and up to date listing information.