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A Big Thanks = Happy Agents

A Big Thanks = Happy Agents

It’s always nice to hear thanks from a client. Our agents are always happy to answer any and all questions. They are there for you through writing the contract to the hardest times before closing. They are there through the stress and the smiles and will continue to be there well after closing. While they love to do what they do, it’s always appreciated to hear how helpful they were. So here’s a thank you to all of the hard working agents out there, but a special thank you to Anne Silcock, a dedicated vacation/investment home agent in our office. She not only has the brains, she will bend over backwards to make sure your real estate decision is the right one for you.

“My wife Ruth and I first met Anne in 2010 when we were on a trip to Disney with our son Luke. We loved the area so much we decided to buy a vacation home there. The nearest real estate office to us at that time was Bardell Real Estate and that’s where we met Anne. From the moment we met her we liked her. She was a great lady with a very pleasant personality and just someone you enjoyed being around. She was straight forward with us in explaining the ins & outs of buying property in Florida because we were out of country residents. We relied on Anne to look at homes for us and use her judgement and expertise and we purchased our home that same year sight unseen. The photos Anne emailed us of the home didn’t do it justice. We loved it.

When it came time for us to sell this year there was no hesitation in asking Anne to help us. Again we enjoyed the professional, warm, courteous and friendly service we had come to know from her. The home sold within 2 months.

If we decide to do anything further in this area we wouldn’t hesitate to use Anne again and given the opportunity would of course recommend Anne to anyone else looking to buy or sell property there.

Thanks again, Anne”

– Bob and Ruth D., ON, CA

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