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As recounted in the Star Tribune by savvy home owner and journalist, Lucie B Amundsen. Following the transfer of her husband to Duluth, Minnesota, Mr and Mrs Amundsen learned a few lessons about selling a home in a tough real estate market which they wanted to pass onto anyone else facing the same challenges:

  • Make the commitment to sell – “This market eats wishy-washy sellers alive. Sellers should be prepared to let go.”
  • Steer clear of useless feedback – “I should have had the real estate professional who listed my home turn off the electronic feedback feature. He could have passed along any helpful information while filtering out the more hurtful and pointed comments.”
  • Be prepared for the long haul – “Because I adore my house, I just assumed other people would, too.”
  • Respond to the market – Long before the 40th showing, we should have dropped the price or taken the property off the market.
Source: Star Tribune