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Blueberry U-Pick Info

Central Florida blueberry harvest season: mid to late March through May
Prices: $4 per lb u-pick $5 per lb pre-picked $2 per lb frozen (packaged in appx. 5 lb bags)

Pick your own blueberries, fresh from our farm to your home. We’ve been growing blueberries for commercial harvest for ten years, and have enjoyed sharing our bountiful crop and fresh farm air with our community for the past seven seasons. In addition to blueberry picking, we host events for all ages throughout the spring. Be sure to come hungry – we have hot, fresh donuts available daily and a wide range of sweet treats, as well food trucks on weekends. Take a peek at our list of events to see what’s available daily at the farm.

There are eight different varieties of juicy blueberries on forty acres of the farm, all with distinct tastes and textures. Ranging from large and tart to sweet and juicy, there is a favorite blueberry for everyone. Please keep in mind that not all varieties are available all season long. 

They will provide you with buckets for picking and clamshells to take your bounty home in. Since blueberry picking conditions can vary based on weather and crop availability, please always check our website on the day of your planned visit to ensure the farm is open for picking.

Keep in mind that not all varieties are available all season long. Our price is $4/lb and you are responsible for paying for everything that you pick. Only pick the dark blue blueberries. Each bucket will hold approximately 6 pounds, and checkout is located under the Southern Hill Market Barn.

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