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How Pine Hills Has Changed Over The Years

Pine Hills, FloridaPine Hills can be found in Orange County, Florida in the United States. As of the recent census of 2010, the area – which is close to Orlando was home to just over 60,000 people. It has grown significantly since then.

Although the community has been subject to decades of neglect and had gained a reputation for high levels of crime, there are several projects now underway aimed at revitalizing it. It also plays host to two parks and a number of High Schools, as well the Pine Hills Trail which is currently under development.

During the 1980’s Orlando began to surround the area as growth of the Orlando suburbs started to speed up. This led to many of the original families who has called Pine Hills home since its establishment in the early 1950’s to move to other suburbs. This was the beginning of a period of decline for Pine Hills – a process that speeded up during the 1990’s.

The decline was in part fueled not only by the relocation of many families but also the closure of the Silver Pine Country Club and the fact that the local Pine Hills mall lost several key long-term tenants. The shopping center was then converted into what was to become a strip mall with discount pricing – a development which further lowered property values. Pine Hills accommodation was to become characterized by low rent options – and much of the housing became government subsidized. A lack of attention and focus by the Orange County government saw crime levels steadily increase.

There are now calls by many property owners for the annexation of the area by Orlando.

The argument is that this would allow for better police services and other projects which could lead to the more rapid revitalization of Pine Hills. However, the idea has not been met with much enthusiasm by Orlando authorities – and given that Pine Hills has a reputation for drugs sales and high crime levels it does not seem as if this opinion will change in the short term.

The Maynard Evans High SchoolHowever, there are glimmers of hope emerging from the gloom that surrounds Pine Hills. The Orlando P.D. is cooperating closely with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to increase the number of police patrols in the area. This highly visible police presence does seem to be having some effect on crime levels.

There are other encouraging signs. The Maynard Evans High School’s main campus has been redeveloped, and a number of elementary schools have been supplied with the latest technology when they too were reconstructed.

There are also high hopes for the future due in part to the development of a strategic plan for Pine Hills which would see continued efforts to rebuild infrastructure and provide additional services to residents. The ‘Pine Hills Land Analysis and Strategic Plan’ has seen a number of initiatives being launched, and there has also been an effort to revitalize the business district of Pine Hills – efforts which seem to be bearing fruit.

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