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Thank you!

We are committed to providing a quality real estate service to our customers and trust that your experience reflected our objectives.  Our reputation and service is extremely important to us and we hope you will agree that all our personnel have been competent, courteous and friendly. As seen below, Anne has another great recommendation from a client she went above and beyond for. Thank you, Anne!

“Hi, anyone thinking of buying a home in Florida well look no further than Anne from Bardell real estate as mickey would say dreams come true and this is what Anne help us to do .we have been traveling to Florida for the last 10 years and always talked about owning our own home. Christmas 2014 we were on holidays and went to a few real estate but looked no further after meeting Anne .she listened to what we wanted give advice of the area and in 24 hours we were sent homes within our budget. After returning home we stayed in touch sorted finances out and then the day came were Anne contacted us to say the homes we liked were available to see .i flew over to Florida with my friend and Anne spent the full week taken us the the homes we liked .the home I really loved we were not able to go in .but Anne pulled all her strings out and two days before going home she got us in I can’t thank her enough. This was the home I wanted and bought .after returning home Anne visited the home again and took lots more photos .we were able to do every thing from the UK with Anne supporting us every step of the way .finally the 4 of September 2015 the home was ours .if you are looking for a home and want a honest opinion and someone who will guide you to the right home rather than the wrong home then please contact Anne from Bardell and I would like to thank all her staff as well .xx M. Needs, UK

Thank you, Mandy, for reaching out and expressing your gratitude for Anne and our team at Bardell! Another job well done, Anne.