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10 Financing Options to Consider

by | Jun 20, 2023 | Blog, Buyers, Homeowners, News, Real Estate News | 0 comments

10 Financing Options to Consider

When it comes to purchasing a home, exploring various financing options is essential. While many people are familiar with traditional mortgage options, there are lesser-known alternatives worth considering. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to invest in real estate, it’s crucial to discuss these financing options with your real estate agent or mortgage professional during the pre-approval process. Here are ten financing options that could help you achieve your homeownership dreams.

  1. Downpayment Assistance Numerous state and local programs cater to first-time and repeat homebuyers, offering downpayment assistance. Programs like the Florida Bond Program and the Hometown Heroes program specifically target teachers, healthcare workers, and first responders. To explore available options, visit websites like

  2. FHA Loans Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are known for their low downpayment requirement of just 3.5%. They also have more lenient qualifying guidelines. However, it’s important to note that FHA loans come with mortgage insurance that remains in effect for the entire loan duration.

  3. VA Loans For eligible veterans and active-duty service members, VA loans provide a compelling option. These loans do not require a downpayment or mortgage insurance. By comparing different programs, lenders can help determine the best fit for your specific circumstances.

  4. USDA Loans USDA Rural Development loans are available in designated areas of Florida. Lenders or loan program maps can identify these areas. These loans offer a no-downpayment option without the need for mortgage insurance, provided applicants meet income and loan limits.

  5. Conventional Loans Conventional loans allow buyers to make downpayments as low as 3% or 5%. However, qualifying guidelines are generally stricter compared to government-backed loans. Interest rates for conventional loans depend on factors such as the borrower’s credit score and loan-to-value ratio.

  6. ARMs (Adjustable-Rate Mortgages) While some buyers may be hesitant about adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) due to their association with the Great Recession, today’s ARMs are typically hybrid loans. These loans remain fixed for an initial period of 5, 7, or 10 years before adjusting. There are caps on how much the interest rate can adjust annually after the fixed period and over the life of the loan.

  7. Assumable Loans Only government loans are assumable, meaning they can be transferred from the original borrower to a new buyer. However, assumable loans, even FHA and VA loans, are relatively rare in today’s market.

  8. Bank Statement Loans Self-employed individuals or those reliant on investment income may face challenges qualifying for traditional loans based on tax returns. To address this, some lenders offer bank statement loans, considering alternative documentation such as bank statements or asset accounts.

  9. Buydowns Buyers with additional funds at their disposal can explore the option of buying down their mortgage rate for the first couple of years. This approach involves paying upfront to reduce the interest rate. For instance, a buyer may choose to buy down the rate by 2% or 3% in the first year, followed by 1% or 2% in the second year. Afterward, the rate stabilizes to the original rate for the remaining loan term.

  10. Seller Credits Buyers can negotiate with sellers for closing cost assistance based on loan guidelines. Alternatively, instead of reducing the sale price, buyers can request that sellers contribute to a mortgage rate buydown. This allows buyers to secure a lower interest rate, potentially resulting in more affordable monthly payments.

As the real estate market evolves, being aware of these lesser-known financing options can give you a competitive edge in your homebuying journey. Each option comes with its own set of considerations, so it’s important to work closely with your real estate agent and mortgage professional to determine which financing option aligns best with your goals and financial situation. With the right approach and proper guidance, you’ll be one step closer to turning your homeownership dreams into reality.


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