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official badge of orlandoWith an exciting blend of tourism, commerce and residential housing and its close proximity to Disney World, Orlando has been a popular choice for holiday makers and permanent residents for many years.

To help make finding your dream home in Orlando Florida a little easier we have created a number of predefined searches to speed up the process. Click on any of the links below to view the latest information on homes for sale in Orlando, Florida.


Using the form below you can search all the homes for sale in the Orlando area based on your individual requirements – just enter the city or zip code and hit the search button. Use the price range and number of bedrooms and bathrooms to narrow down your search or if you already know the area you want to be in use the “Draw on Map” to create a custom search just where you want to be.

For those new to the area try the custom searches we have already created for featured cities – it’s a quick and easy way to find some great properties at the right price.

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3 Burning Questions Orlando Buyers Want To Know But Are Afraid To Ask Their Realtor


Picture of a stethoscope and chart on a desk at a hospital near orlando 1. Can I Get Good Health Care In The Region?

Access to excellent health care is a must-have for anyone considering relocating, to be sure. The Orlando region is fast becoming one of the world’s most sought-after locations for medical care. Not only is it home to the prestigious Nemours facilities in Lake Nona, but many other health care options are popping up across the area.

For example, according to the Orlando Sentinal , “Outstanding medical care is just one more great reason to join the ranks of Orlando’s happy residents.”

Disney's Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World Orlando

2. Does Living Near Disney Live Up To The Hype?

Most people have gone to a place or event with a tremendous amount of positive press and then wondered if they might have made a wrong turn and accidentally ended up somewhere else entirely. When deciding where to live, one wants to avoid that experience at all costs. The Orlando area is the perfect solution.

Not only is Orlando, Florida home to some of the most famous and highly attended attractions on earth, with Walt Disney World topping the list, the whole city, and its surrounding communities have developed an entire culture of happiness. Because so much of the local economy is driven by the hospitality industry, there are generations of residents conditioned to ‘serve with a smile,’ many of whom were literally trained by some of the top corporations in the world.

That might seem like a peculiar factor when choosing where to settle, and in fact, it is often overlooked entirely, but consider how that simple characteristic plays out in the day to day life – when your friends and neighbors’ automatic, go-to response is positive and filled with joy. It can make all the difference as far as quality of life.

Realtors hand offering key to orlando home 3. How Can I Choose A Real Estate Agent Who Has My Best Interest At Heart

To be sure, choosing the right real estate agent will make all the difference when buying or selling a home. At Bardell Real Estate, we focus on alleviating the top three complaints from home buyers and sellers alike: stress, uncertainty, and inconvenience.

Many studies report moving is high on the list of most stressful situations any modern human can encounter. It is our mission to remove this stress as much as it depends upon us. Instead, we make buying a home fun and selling your house exciting and straightforward.

We strive to remove uncertainty and inconvenience by making and keeping appointments which are set at times that work for your schedule. Additionally, we continuously develop a huge pool of reliable buyers, sellers, appraisers, contractors, and mortgage lenders who are ready and waiting to make the transaction effortless. Finally, we use only title companies who are thorough, precise, and timely.

We are extremely proud to be recognized as the premier Realtors® in Central Florida and commit to every client to make buying or selling your home effortless and enjoyable.


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