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Arranging a Mortgage

Although you can pay cash for your property the majority of clients take advantage of long term financing.

As part of the buying process we will work with you to arrange a suitable mortgage. By far the most popular and practical method of financing your home will be to take out an American home loan mortgage. In line with American lending legislation, mortgages are available over a period up to 30 years (irrespective of age) so your never “too old” to benefit from this great investment opportunity.
Annual percentage rate is an interest rate which is expressed as a yearly percentage rate. It can be used for comparing a particular loan program with different lenders.

For non-residents, we have established relationships with several providers and are able to offer unique programs specifically designed for overseas purchasers. The programs have been designed around international buyers, require minimal documentation and can be completed without leaving your home.

If you prefer to have a UK mortgage, no problem. Again, we work with a number of providers to ensure you obtain the most appropriate loan.

Establishing a Bank Account

To setup a mortgage and effectively manage the running of your property you will need to establish a Florida bank account.

As part of the buying process we can help you with setting up a local bank account but you will need to visit the bank in person at some point to make the account active.