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Real Estate Law in Florida is complex and we would always recommend that you use a state registered real estate professional (Realtor) to represent you in the sale or purchase of property.

For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s) and Foreclosures may look to be great opportunities to purchase property at lower than market prices, but each one carries there own particular risks. Buying an FSBO rarely results in a lower selling price but almost certainly leavers the buyer with the costs of a real estate attorney, a service that would be paid for the seller under a typical broker managed sale. Foreclosures carry even greater risks as the doctrine of Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) applies.

We have been helping clients buy and sell property in the Disney Orlando area for the last 15 years. Our knowledge and experience ensures you a stress free purchase as we guide you through the process of choosing a property that suits your needs, preparing the sale and purchase contract, co-ordinate the closing package from the title and mortgage companies as well as organizing the relevant home inspections, surveys, insurances, etc.

And don’t forget, as a buyer our services cost you nothing but you have the assurance that your best interests are being served.

So, if you are currently planning your trip to the sunshine state, why not contact us in advance. We would be more than happy to identify properties that meet with your requirements and arrange for you to see them when you arrive.

Call today for free, independent advice and our guarantee of first class professional representation.