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I ran in the NYC half and was running well until mile 9 then my hip began to hurt and my mind shifted to how far I still had to go
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First, I am prepared to confess that I am a phoney, sycophantic arse-kisser and that I am additional of one than Mr Johnson (or my husband).
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discovered retrospectively after there has already been a controlled enactment of a particular aspect
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water bottle (nalgene etc) and then use the lifestraw to drink from it after leaving the source? This
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When a patient arrives for an adjustment and surprises us with loose or broken appliances, we may not have time in our schedule to both repair and adjust the braces
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The civil rights legislation of the 1960s was based not merely on social expediency, but on a fundamental sense of moral rightness
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But the reason this made sex so unwanted is because every time the woman had sex the closed wounds would open and bleed every where and be very painful