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There are benefits to vegetarian diets for certain health conditions, and some people function better

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humility, piety, grace, respect for the rule of law, and mastery of decorum still define good governance.

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What is unacceptable is that a world body that wags its fingers at bad behavior all over the globe ran and hid when it turned out its own people were culpable.

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Marlo perpetrated untold, often unnecessary violence and got away because of a series of legal manuevers

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I am a part of a mama group and try to walk, swim, or just connect with other people everyday, in part just to prove to my rational brain that I am in fact OK.

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Journalists, particularly those in provincial areas, are vulnerable to physical attack.

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This lead to a collaboration with LA based composer Terry Michael Huud on the 2006 film called Civic Duty - which was certainly one of the highlights of my professional life as a composer.

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It runs better than those cheap plastic feel that many of my mind that it's paraben free

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Since I spent so much dough expanding my Springfield, I now am too po' for Shotkickers, so I am trying to send everyone on as many tasks as I can so I can catch up to everyone

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