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An Introduction To Winter Park, Florida

An Introduction To Winter Park, Florida

An Introduction To Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park, FloridaFlorida is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in the nation, both for folks looking to relocate as well as those wanting a vacation from their daily lives. Many of them end up in Winter Park, which is a suburb of better-known Orlando. With great weather, plenty of activities and easy access to the rest of the state, the city has a lot to offer.

Europeans first inhabited the land in the 1850’s, though it was a few decades before it attracted much attention. It is unlikely that any of these earlier settlers could have envisioned what the area would look like in modern times. Winter Park is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, which is home to more than two million people. Winter Park residents comprise less than thirty thousand of these folks.

Between 1880 and 1900, several businesses and individuals began building up the area.

Downtown Winter Park, FloridaProperty values rose dramatically as a stylish city took form. During that time period, Rollins College opened. As the first four-year institution of it’s kind in the state, the educational center further boosted the reputation and desirability of the local area.

Visitors were treated to luxury in the city once the Seminole Hotel opened their doors. The covered porches protected guests from the local pest population while the gas lighting and steam heating ensured that they were as comfortable as possible.

The year-round warm weather attracts people from frigid climates, particularly retirees who have the money and desire to relocate. Individuals and families seeking alternatives to their hometowns find the proximity to Orlando inviting. The location opens up plenty of job opportunities without requiring them to live directly in the downtown area.

Rollins College employs 600+ people, while Winter Park Memorial Hospital has more than twice that on the payroll. Other employers of note include the public school system and the city. Publix, which is a well-known grocery chain in the state, also ranks as one of the top employers.

In addition to Rollins College, the city has several other institutions dedicated to higher education. The Crealde School of Art, Valencia College and Full Sail University all offer courses for local and transfer students. Of course, applicants must meet the guidelines and follow instructions regarding enrollment and attendance.

The Crealde School of ArtThe city has dozens of parks for people wishing to get in touch with nature. Not only can you take a stroll through them practically any time, but these locations are also used for celebrations, festivals and other types of events. Likewise, you can visit various kinds of museums to expand your knowledge about history, art and the world in general. Consider checking out Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Hannibal Square Heritage Center and the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of Natural Art.

The thriving culture in Orange County spills into every city there, including Winter Park. Whether you are looking for a great place to retire, relocate your family or just to visit on your vacation, Winter Park has plenty to offer. With so much to do, you might need to plan in advance, so you don’t miss something incredible!

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Information About Windermere Florida

Information About Windermere Florida

Information About Windermere Florida

Windermere FloridaWindermere, Florida is a town that is located in Orange County, Florida. The town population sits around 3,000. It offers a suburban feel, and a majority of the residents in the town have ownership of their homes. Below, we will be going over some more information about Windermere, Florida.

Information About Windermere, Florida:

1. Rankings.

Windermere is consistently well ranked regarding Florida rankings in livability, being an excellent area to raise a family, having great public schools, and being safe. There are very few violent crimes in the area which makes it one of the safest places in Florida.

2. Income.

The area itself features majority middle class citizens. The median household income sits around $130,000 and over 60% of the residents in the town have either a college degree or Master’s degree or higher.

Olympia High School3. Public Schools.

The town itself has a range of public schools that are consistently ranked as some of the highest in the state of Florida. You will find Orlando Science Middle and High School, Olympia High School, Orlando Science Elementary Charter School, Lake Eola Charter School, West Orange High School, and more. It has a total of 53 public schools in the area.

4. Things To Do.

For being a relatively small town, it offers plenty to do which makes it a popular tourist destination. Not only does it have various things that you can do on the beautiful lake, but you will be able to find various water activities to take part in. There are plenty of spas that you can frequent which will offer a luxurious experience. Also, you will be able to play a round of golf at the Windermere Country Golf Course. There happens to be a lot of different things that you can do with your kids, and there are plenty of stores and restaurants to visit throughout the entire town.

Farmers Market Windermere5. Farmers Market.

You will be able to find a local farmers market taking place every Friday which brings the entire community together, and it helps create a close-knit community of residents and those that might be visiting.

6. Great for Families.

If you are raising a family, this is undoubtedly one of the best towns to do so in Florida. Not only is it safe, but there are excellent public schools in the area, and it offers a lot of different outdoor activities, a friendly atmosphere with friendly people, and more.

This is one of the top-rated towns in all of Florida for a variety of reasons. As noted above, it is particularly well regarded for being a safe and wonderful place to raise a family. The town features excellent weather year round and has a beautiful lake with a lot of activities on it. It also happens to offer a good amount of diversity which makes it a welcoming place for anyone. It is typically not regarded as the best place for singles and those looking for nightlife due to it being much more well suited for those with families.

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A Great Neighborhood In Orlando Thornton Park

A Great Neighborhood In Orlando Thornton Park

A Great Neighborhood In Orlando Thornton Park

Orlando Thornton ParkWhen you are looking at all the different neighborhoods in Orlando, you will notice that not all of them are created equal. That is very true when you are looking at a place like Thornton Park, which is one of the best upscale sections of Orlando for you to enjoy. What is even better is this is going to be a great attraction for you to go and visit for the all the fantastic things you can see and do, conveniently located in the downtown region of Orlando.

Now, just like a lot of major cities Thornton Park is a place that has undergone a significant revitalization. This has led to a lot of new restaurants and shops. Quite a few of these restaurants are going to be more of the trendy type of locations you will enjoy eating at and know you are going to have some great food and amazing atmosphere for you to enjoy. Since this is more of an upscale neighborhood, the food choices are varied, and everyone is sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

The shopping in this Orlando neighborhood district is going to be a step up from the regular retail shops as well.

Orlando Thornton ParkThat is because this is a great place to go shopping and with the upscale food you have in your belly, you will want to walk around the shops. This should make it rather easy for you and your family to book a great trip because you can finally get a chance to walk through the town and know you are not only doing some excellent window shopping, but also be going to have a great time looking at the boho-chic clothing shops.

Finally, if you are a fan of architecture, even with the revitalization of the area, you will notice it still holds onto the charm of the homes. These homes have a lot of the Spanish architecture type of designs that everyone is going to like because it is not a style that is seen all over the place. These homes are going to look great and often will allow you to feel amazed at their appearance, what is even better is the homeowners, for the most part, are used to seeing people marvel at the looks and styles of the homes.

Finding out about the different neighborhoods around Orlando is a good thing. However, what you will find is it can be a challenge to find all the right areas to enjoy. That is when you should learn about Thornton Park is a great area. Once you learn about the amazing shops, beautiful restaurants, and juice bars, but also the impressive architecture of the homes, it is easy to see why this area is so popular for visitors to go and see and enjoy for a day or two while in Orlando.

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Learn About The City Of Sanford FL – The Historic Waterfront Gateway City

Learn About The City Of Sanford FL – The Historic Waterfront Gateway City

Learn About The City Of Sanford FL – The Historic Waterfront Gateway City

Sanford Florida

Located in central Florida closer to the Atlantic Coast than the Gulf Coast is a beautiful city known as Sanford. Part of Seminole County, Sanford has a nickname: The Historic Waterfront Gateway. Its nickname is derived from its location along Lake Monroe. To help you get more familiar with the city of Sanford FL, let’s look at popular places of interest in the area.

Every city is built around a downtown area, and so perhaps the best place to start, is downtown Sanford. This historical area of the city is known for antique shops, brick streets, the Riverwalk and great places to eat. Not only will you find a nice German restaurant that the locals love, among other establishments, but there are often food trucks in the area, too. You can also check out the farmers market, and you can get a free trolley ride around the area as well. Check out the historic downtown area of Sanford as you get acquainted with the city.

The Central Florida ZooThe Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is another part of Sanford you need to see.

You are going to enjoy the natural wetlands and all the animals. If you have kids, they are certainly going to love the tropical splash playground. There are also shows that you can attend, an animal carousel for the kids, a zip line and a chance to feed the giraffes. The Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens located at 3755 NW US Highway 17 is a great place to visit to get to know the city of Sanford.

There are several neat gift and specialty shops that you might want to stop by as well.

The YES Magic Shop & Mystery of Magic School is one of those places of interest in Sanford. There is also Maya Books & Music, Magpies and the Park Avenue Popcorn Shoppe, among others. You might as well shop the gift and specialty stores that are in Sanford if you want to get the entire cultural experience while visiting the city.

Black Bear Wilderness areaWhile in the downtown area, you will have seen Lake Monroe and some of the natural beauty of Sanford on full display. However, another area you might want to visit is the Black Bear Wilderness area. The Black Bear Wilderness Area is located at 5298 Michigan Avenue, and it is an excellent place for nature walks, bird watching and seeing all kinds of other wildlife while experiencing the outdoors. You are going to be right on the river, too.

Sanford may not quite be on the Atlantic coast, but you can tell that you are going to have a great waterfront experience. It is easy to see why Sanford is nicknamed the Historic Waterfront Gateway city. Would you like to know what the #1 restaurant is in the city so that you can stop for a great bite to eat during your exploration? The top dining establishment is known as Hollerbach’s, and it is German restaurant mentioned earlier. Have an excellent adventure getting to know more about the city of Sanford FL.

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How Pine Hills Has Changed Over The Years

How Pine Hills Has Changed Over The Years

How Pine Hills Has Changed Over The Years

Pine Hills, FloridaPine Hills can be found in Orange County, Florida in the United States. As of the recent census of 2010, the area – which is close to Orlando was home to just over 60,000 people. It has grown significantly since then.

Although the community has been subject to decades of neglect and had gained a reputation for high levels of crime, there are several projects now underway aimed at revitalizing it. It also plays host to two parks and a number of High Schools, as well the Pine Hills Trail which is currently under development.

During the 1980’s Orlando began to surround the area as growth of the Orlando suburbs started to speed up. This led to many of the original families who has called Pine Hills home since its establishment in the early 1950’s to move to other suburbs. This was the beginning of a period of decline for Pine Hills – a process that speeded up during the 1990’s.

The decline was in part fueled not only by the relocation of many families but also the closure of the Silver Pine Country Club and the fact that the local Pine Hills mall lost several key long-term tenants. The shopping center was then converted into what was to become a strip mall with discount pricing – a development which further lowered property values. Pine Hills accommodation was to become characterized by low rent options – and much of the housing became government subsidized. A lack of attention and focus by the Orange County government saw crime levels steadily increase.

There are now calls by many property owners for the annexation of the area by Orlando.

The argument is that this would allow for better police services and other projects which could lead to the more rapid revitalization of Pine Hills. However, the idea has not been met with much enthusiasm by Orlando authorities – and given that Pine Hills has a reputation for drugs sales and high crime levels it does not seem as if this opinion will change in the short term.

The Maynard Evans High SchoolHowever, there are glimmers of hope emerging from the gloom that surrounds Pine Hills. The Orlando P.D. is cooperating closely with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to increase the number of police patrols in the area. This highly visible police presence does seem to be having some effect on crime levels.

There are other encouraging signs. The Maynard Evans High School’s main campus has been redeveloped, and a number of elementary schools have been supplied with the latest technology when they too were reconstructed.

There are also high hopes for the future due in part to the development of a strategic plan for Pine Hills which would see continued efforts to rebuild infrastructure and provide additional services to residents. The ‘Pine Hills Land Analysis and Strategic Plan’ has seen a number of initiatives being launched, and there has also been an effort to revitalize the business district of Pine Hills – efforts which seem to be bearing fruit.

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